Week 9 – August 8, 2023

Wowzer! This summer is flying by! I think they get faster every year. This session we have the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. My dogs Copper and Reuben are in heaven! They have never had so many scratches and belly rubs! They just walk from one camper to the next getting all loved up! I think I have said “Copper is nine and Reuben is three” a thousand times this summer. I get to hear about every dog in the Twin City area. I hear not only about the campers own dogs, but their grandparents dogs, their neighbors dogs, their friends dogs. I love it! It is an immediate connection and I believe the campers feel comfort in the dogs’ presence.

11 o’clock activity is always a high light of the day. The campers get to choose between a number of fun activities. They can go to the same activity each day or they can switch it up. The craft shop is always a fan favorite. They can make bracelets, paint hats or canvas bags, and of course, can always make a lanyard (I never have learned how to make one of those things). Going on the nature walk is a fantastic option. They walk to the cross, or over to Lake Agnes, or my favorite, the enchanted forest! There is soccer on the ball field or basketball, gaga ball, or pickle ball on the upper court. For campers who need some “down time” we have “chillin’ with Charlie” in the Holiday Lodge where campers can write a letter, draw or read. At the beach, there is water volleyball, the Log Roller, or hanging out on the Lilypad. For the older campers we offer archery. The campers are always happy that they get to choose an activity that they will enjoy.

The days are getting shorter. I was shocked last night when it was getting dark around 8:30pm. Please continue to keep us in your prayers! Really “good stuff” is happening up here at Cathedral of the Pines!

Thank you for all of your support!


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