Working Hands

One of the gifts of Cathedral of the Pines Camp is the opportunity for kids to take on a leadership role. They begin their camp journey as a camper and graduate to being on our workstaff. They do all the “behind the scene” jobs like dishes, mowing, and cleaning the flushies and shower buildings. Believe it or not, the high school students say that while working as a team, the jobs don’t seem so bad! This role at camp allows kids to give back to Cathedral of the Pines Camp. They are taught valuable lessons such as responsibility, being on time, working as team, and basic cleaning techniques. Mount Olivet members that have finished their freshman year of high school, can volunteer to be on the workstaff at Cathedral of the Pines Camp.

What's Next?

If you have questions about workstaffing at Cathedral of the Pines Camp. Please contact Kristi Youngdahl.