Week 1 – June 18, 2024

Hello from Cathedral of the Pines Camp! Let me tell you, there is a ton of action happening here. Last week was Family Work Week and I sat in the Koja watching a new roof being put on the lodge. The workers were running up and down the ladders, shingles were being tossed from the roof into the dumpster below, and the staple guns were pounding. Multiple weed whippers and lawn mowers cut the grass, flower boxes were planted, and gardens got weeded. The kids always seemed to be laughing and screaming down at the ball field playing kick ball with the fun squad. Cleaning crews headed to the biffy and shower buildings…with buckets and brooms and mops. The camp truck took loads of brush to the dump. Cathedral of the Pines might be the greatest place in the world! Worker bees all around with big, huge smiles on their faces getting camp ready for the summer of 2024.

We also had a crazy experience in chapel. There was a huge thunderstorm with lightning and thunder. It was pouring rain…. I mean pouring rain. And then there was the biggest clap of thunder I have ever heard. I literally jumped out of my chair. I was facing the wrong direction, but there was a huge bolt of lightning that looked like it hit right by the beach. After chapel a couple people went over to the resort to make sure nothing was hit or on fire, two trees were hit and all of the electricity, septic, and internet were damaged. Luckily, we had a great response from the local electrician and IT guy, and everything was back up and running quickly.

It feels so good to have people back at Cathedral of the Pines for our 75th camping season. The “spirit” is as strong as ever. We are blessed as a congregation to have this incredible camp on beautiful Lake Caribou, to teach everyone who enters the gates the love of Christ.


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