serenity scene of church on lake

Mission & Values

Our Mission

The success of Cathedral of the Pines Camp is all about relationships, starting with our most important relationship with Jesus. It is a place where faith becomes our own. A place where we can hear about others’ experiences in their relationships with God, where we can ask questions, where we can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. At camp we can experience God’s love first hand!

COP is also a place where we meet new friends and strengthen relationships with old friends. With no phones or electronics, we enjoy face-to-face conversations all day long. We run and laugh and play. We learn how to get along with cabin mates and counselors. We enjoy devotions each night – sharing matters of the heart, giggling and crying, and, most importantly, praying together.

Camp is an important place where we learn to love ourselves, just the way we are! It is a safe, accepting place where we see each and every person as a beloved child of God. Knowing we are a beloved child of God, we feel free to get on a stage in front of the entire camp, learn how to laugh at ourselves or to be gentle with ourselves, try something outside our comfort zone, and think about our own faith. We practice living our faith, walking with God, and being kind to one another.