Health & Safety

Safety at Camp

Safety is given top priority at Cathedral of the Pines. Facilities and policies have been constructed to provide a thorough and consistent program. During the Camp Staff and counselor trainings, all Camp Staff and counselors are trained in safety rules and expectations for all aspects of Camp life. Safety regulations are discussed and practiced by all campers, counselors, and Camp Staff. Please talk to your camper about the importance of following all rules. 

Camp Health Service

The Camp health center is overseen by a Health Center Coordinator and a volunteer Health Professional. All Camp Staff are trained in First Aid and CPR, and are available to assist with Camper needs. General care and first aid supplies are available at Camp. For some other medical services, Grand Marais Hospital and Clinic is located approximately 30 minutes from Cathedral of the Pines. The nearest surgical facility is located in Duluth approximately two hours away. Please understand that the Grand Marais Hospital and Clinic accepts only limited insurance coverage. Any expenses incurred off Camp property are the responsibility of the family. 

If your child is brought to an offsite facility, is prescribed medication, or should otherwise need any emergency care, the Health Professional or a Camp Staff member will contact you. 

Camp Health Form

The Camper Health Form has been designed to give the Camp Staff the information they need to take care of the physical and emotional needs of all of our Campers. We pledge open and honest communication while your child is with us. We ask that you do the same in disclosures before Camp and have a willingness to work with our Staff to make your child’s experience a success.

The Health Form must be completed and submitted online through your Campbrain account at the time of registration. Your child cannot attend Camp unless the form is completed and submitted.

Our Campbrain system allows us to enable information from the previous years Health Form be pre-filled in the 2024 Health Form. Please read through the information to ensure that it is still accurate and update as needed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Camp Coordinator at

Medications and Supplements

ALL medications and supplements (ingested and topical), both prescription and non‐prescription, must be given to the Bus Staff upon check‐in at the parking lot in Minneapolis. The parent or guardian will sign a medication/ supplement list at this time. Medications/supplements will be given to the Health Center Coordinator or the volunteer Camp Health Care Professional upon arrival at Camp. That person will dispense medications/supplements to Campers. However, it is the Camper’s responsibility to ingest their medications/supplements. Cathedral of the Pines will not be liable for a Camper’s failure to ingest the medications/supplements provided by a Staff member.

Medications/supplements must be clearly labeled, in the original containers, and listed on the health form. Medication will only be dispensed as prescribed on the prescription bottle and as indicated on the health form. We will not disperse prescriptions in someone else’s name, or on a schedule other than indicated on the label, without a signed note from a your doctor indicating those changes. A note stating the conditions for their use must accompany non‐prescription (over‐the‐counter) drugs or supplements. The Health Center Coordinator or the Volunteer Health Care Professional will call the parent or guardian if health/medication/supplement needs are not clear.
Medications/supplements will be returned to the Camper immediately prior to leaving Camp. Medications/supplements which either a) does not fit in Campers luggage, or b) requires refrigeration, should be claimed upon return to Minneapolis from the Bus staff.

Special Diets

Cathedral of the Pines Camp is able to operate cost effectively through the use of volunteer Cooks. We can only provide special meals with advance planning. If a special diet is needed, a $50 fee will be applied at time of registration. Accommodations will be made only if it has been indicated at time of registration and explained on the medical form. If you did not indicate a need for Special Diet at time of registration, contact the Camp Coordinator ASAP. If you have questions, contact the Camp Coordinator prior to the camping period.


Cathedral of the Pines Camp takes waterfront safety very seriously. The waterfront is under strict supervision. Lifeguards are always on duty during swimming periods. Campers are only allowed in the water with a buddy.