Week 8 – August 1, 2023

Sunday, July 31, was a beautiful summer night at Cathedral of the Pines. We had a picnic in Caribou Park and then the kids watched the counselors and workstaff play “sand lot.” A fast-paced softball game with two outs per inning and some serious hustle between at bats! The music was cranked and the campers were cheering on their favorite team.

Sunday evening Chapel was a sad one. Many of our counselors are graduates from high school, and will be moving on to a new and exciting chapter in their life. But that also means their time at Cathedral of the Pines Camp will be ending, as they know it. The good news is… our Hi-er league program (18-22 year olds) continues to expand and grow. They were comforted in knowing they still have four years ahead as Hi-er League campers, while they are in college. The counselors were an incredible group of young adults! I am so proud of them for all of their many service hours to Mount Olivet and Cathedral of the Pines Camp over their high school careers. I cannot wait to see what they accomplish in the future!

We had our annual Camp Board meeting last Thursday and Friday. The camp staff always does an incredible job of welcoming our board, putting on a delicious dinner, along with entertainment! I wish you could see the amazing songs and dances the staff members preformed for the camp. The songs were creative, funny; heart-warming… and the choreography was awesome! I am grateful to those serving on our Camp Board. It was great having them here experiencing the “magic” of COP!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We only have a couple sessions left for the summer of 2023!


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