Week 7 – July 25, 2023

This week I have a guest writer, Matthew Conroy, who is on my senior staff. He does a fantastic job of helping all who enter the camp gates to work on being a friend to themselves, a friend to others, and most importantly, our Lord.

“Each night at camp, devotions are a time set aside where the high school counselors lead the campers in faith-oriented conversations and activities that seek to bridge the seriousness of chapel services to the fun of camp’s games. However, one night each week, staff members like myself get the opportunity to lead a devotion for the high school counselors and work staff. Our goal is to challenge them in their faith and friendships by providing them a structured time to grow together, often by talking about their struggles. Last week’s counselor/work staff devotions were particularly special. After fellow staff member, Kate Campion and I shared why devotions matter to us, such as how devotions had lent me faith and resilience during my mom’s sickness, we challenged them to open up with each other. In a large group, many of them individually began sharing their inner battles, processing, crying, and hugging each other. Everyone learned they are not alone in their hardships, and were reminded to always approach people with understanding and love, as we never know what others are going through. We had to extend their curfew for the beautiful bonding moment, which proved a highlight for the week and summer.”

I am so proud of the summer staff, especially for their willingness to share their faith and encourage others to understand the importance of a “faith-filled” life. Good things are happening up here in the north woods!


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