Week 6 – July 18, 2023

Third, fourth and fifth graders are the best! Talk about boundless energy! They literally run EVERYWHERE they go, at full speed! If I ask, “does anyone have any questions?” I have to be willing to answer questions for at least ten minutes. The questions are extremely hilarious, inquisitive and very straightforward.

The other day I was sitting in the Koja (camp office) and I heard some incredible music coming from the lodge kitchen. The workstaff boys were busy doing dishes but turned the boring task into a percussion extravaganza. They were banging pots and pans, clapping cups, using anything that would add to the beat. They practiced throughout the week and did a concert for the camp at the end of the session. The staff and campers went wild! It was my favorite act of the summer!

Kris Ericksen, our Camp Coordinator, was sitting next to a third grade camper during chapel one evening. During the open prayer session, the camper took out the hymnal and instead of saying a prayer; she started reading the words to the song, I Look Not Back. The first verse says, “I look not back. God knows the fruitless efforts. The wasted hours, the sinning the regrets. I leave them all to him who blots the record and graciously, forgives and then forgets.” For those who did not know the song….they were very impressed with her intelligence and vocabulary! She would have gone into the second verse, but Kris whispered in her ear, “Amen”.

We are having a wonderful 2023 camping season! Thank you for your prayers and support to allow this ministry to continue to thrive.


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