Week 2 – June 13, 2023

It is a gorgeous day at Cathedral of the Pines. I never want to wish away the sun, but we could really use some rain. If I had my choice, I would want an all-night soaker, with the sun breaking through about 8am. Nothing wrong with wishing for the best-case scenario!

We are in the middle of camp staff training. As a camp staff we have had an amazing couple days of getting to know each other, CPR training, mowing, cleaning, going over curriculum for the campers, and as I write this they are cleaning ovens and the entire kitchen. The job takes 22 people working hard and getting dirty for 3 hours! They have the music cranked and it is a great bonding experience.

A highlight of our time together so far was a devotion we did the first night. Each person shared an experience from the last nine months that held meaning. A time when they learned something about themselves. People were open, honest, and willing to be a little vulnerable. It was a wonderful way to start the summer. A great reminder that we cannot always tell what another is actually experiencing in their life. I hope that this experience will help us be present for the counselors, workstaff, and campers coming through the gates this summer!

The camp staff is ready……bring on the kids!


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