Week 1 – June 6, 2023

I am so fired up that we are now officially into the 2023 camping season at Cathedral of the Pines! Memorial weekend was a huge success, we had 22 families here working away to open the buildings, mow the lawns, fix the screens, and clean the staff cabins…..it is like an active beehive with all of the activity! Everyone was smiling and happy to be back at camp, plus the weather was perfect, which has not always been the case. Therefore, there was a lot of beach time in the afternoons and there is nothing better than a day on Lake Caribou!

Last weekend we had our Hi-er League group at COP. What a powerful weekend! All of those college age kids were laughing and crying, swapping stories of their school year, reminiscing about times spent at camp, talking about faith…it was truly magic. They were right back at it, strengthening relationships with each other and creating new friendships in the safe, warm, loving atmosphere at COP. Pastor Hammersten and Pastor Dixon do an incredible job staying connected to these college kids throughout the year. And that connection allows these young adults to have meaningful, heartfelt, one-on-one conversations with the Pastors about faith and life experiences. What a gift to these kids! As I said, it was a truly magical weekend. A perfect start to the 2023 camping season. Thank you!


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