Week 3 – June 20, 2023

Cathedral of the Pines looks spectacular! We just finished Family Work Week…it was a small but mighty group! You would not believe the amount of work that was completed. The entire camp was mowed and then weed whipped to perfection! All we need is some rain so we will have some jobs for the work staff to do in the weeks to come. A dedicated crew planted all of the annual flowers, weeded the gardens and then watered each day to give the plants a fighting chance. Again, we could use some rain! Seriously, it looks beautiful around here! There was also window washing, a carpentry crew and many smaller tasks that were done. A huge thank you to all who participated in the opening of COP for another camping season. It is a great opportunity to spend time on the north shore, meet new people, be of service and grow in your faith.

My favorite part of the week is watching the kids who are here, form new friendships, and strengthen the relationships they already have. The kids who are twelve and under spend time with staff members during the mornings and afternoons while the parents work. They go on hikes, play in the rumpus room and never stop moving! The kids wrote, practiced and performed a play during dinner the last dinner. It was a story about Santa, friendship and getting new pets for Christmas. The performance ended with the kids singing some of their favorite Christmas songs. It was a great week with lots of laughs, hard work and a strong sense of community!


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