Week 3 – July 2, 2024

Last week we were at full capacity! 132 campers, 44 counselors, 20 workstaff, plus cooks, the health professional, the Jr. High Youth Staff, and Pastor Kalland. It was a busy place. I love all the noise and action. I catch myself smiling all the time watching kids have the time of their lives! One day it was drizzling and not very nice outside. We offered swimming at 11:00 o’clock activity. One camper decided to brave the cold. The lifeguards and the counselors who were assigned to the beach were not expecting anyone to show up. They were SO impressed that this camper came down to swim, that they jumped into the lake with their clothes on to swim with him! I am sure that camper will never forget that day at the beach.

We had our first COP 75th Anniversary experience last night. It was a great mix of people. We had those who were experiencing COP for the first time, had campers from the 1970’s and a woman who was one of the very first campers at COP. I loved watching the awe of the first timers and the joy of those who had not been here in years. Hearing that things haven’t changed much made my heart sing! The beauty of COP is that the tradition runs deep, the friendships run deeper, and everyone who enters the gates hears the love of Christ. 75 years….what a great run! I believe we are stronger than ever!


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